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Fairbanks residents pay some of the highest energy costs for any metropolitan area in the nation and have experienced poor air quality due to particulate pollution.

The Interior Energy Project was introduced by Gov. Parnell during the 28th legislative session to bring affordable energy to the Interior as quickly as possible. The legislation provides a financial package to serve as a catalyst to bring natural gas to Fairbanks and North Pole.
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Project Overview

IEP Project Facts

Did you know that...

The IEP will provide an affordable energy alternative to Interior Alaska.

Did you know that...

The IEP is being designed in such a way that it will have the capability to expand and produce more LNG as demand grows.

Did you know that...

The IEP is anticipated to reduce monthly heating bills by 40 to 50 percent resulting in up to $3000 of annual savings to residential ratepayers?

January Updates Image News Article Distribution Map Conversion Analysis

Here are a few new items we would like to highlight this month.

News Article - Energy relief: Advancing natural gas project another big step forward for Fairbanks
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Natural Gas Distribution Map

Natural Gas Conversion Analysis
There are many more news articles for the month of January. Visit the Media Coverage section of our resources page to learn out more!


August 2014 FEDC Community Meeting

August 2014 FEDC IEP Community Energy Meeting

We covered a few new things in our Community Meeting this month!

Learn about
New IEP Goals
Cost of Service Overview
Financial Model
Progress to Date
and more!

Download the Presentation here or visit our
resources page.



July 2014 IEP Community Meeting II Presentations Image AIDEA and MWH Sign Interior Energy Project Agreement IEP Oil and Gas Congress Presentation

Big news this month!

AIDEA and MWH Sign Interior Energy Project Agreement!
Click the image or here to view the press release

We also attended the Oil and Gas Congress on September 16!

View the latest presentation and learn about new project updates!

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